Saturday, 4 June 2011

Summer Brief

Over the summer, I have been briefed to start a personal project. Preferably on something that I am really interested in and that I would like to spend around 4 weeks on. Note to self: do NOT include ALL the things that your are interested in. Next... how to pick 1 thing of interest out of my list of hundreds?
Things I am currently considered (please note that this could change at any time with my wide ranging interests getting bigger by the day!)
1. Exploring textiles - inspiration Marit Fujiwara, lamp shade covers, cushions
2. Furniture restoration - inspiration Laurence Llywellyn Bowen and Auction Party, ITV, reupholstering chairs
3. Cake - exploration of texture, taste and aesthetic
4. Travelling - trip to Tunisia 3 weeks ago and Madrid on Monday 06/06
5. Alexander Girad, Eduardo Paolozzi, Style Bubble blog
6. Decay - metal decay, human decay, rust
7. Print - newspapers, magazines, literature in general
8. Melted carrier bags, Katy Aston, Claire Caudwell
My list is endless, let's hope that the adventure to Madrid helps to narrow it down some ...

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