Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A couple more to keep you sweet!

Adopting a more pop art style ...

Montages here we come

I have started to add montage to create different images and I feel much more confident working in this way. I particularly like this one because of the face that has appeared. I am going through a 'magpie'
phase where I'm keeping bits and bobs of everything! Anything that I think may come in handy further down the line for my montages.
I am also starting to deviate from Craig-Martin's palette. Although keeping the colours similar they are not exact. For example the background of this one is still yelow but not as vivid as the yellow he utilises.
I think that this is a successful image and I am really happy with it!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Goodbye Happy Timess :(

After 4 beautiful years ... hope that we can hook up again sometime baby x

Monday, 16 August 2010

In a weird but wonderful twist, I have decided that this type of work reflects Craig-Martin's quite well. The different images interacting with each other is similar in style although the colour is not there. I think a good idea would be to creat emy images like this and then possibly paint over them to create a Martin-esque like feel. I really like the antique-ness feel that these type of images give. You could look at it for hours and still find new details. I will continue to work in this method, some without and some with the aid of Photoshop. At the moment I am using Photoshop just for colouring and I want to break from this as it starting to get a bit monotonous and I hate to say it 'boring'. My ork should inspire me and be full of enthusiasm, not doing something for the sake of it.
I want to add a really 'pop' and edgy feel to my image which I feel that they are lacking presently. More collage will definitely help and maybe the introduction of some black inky cartoons. I know how I want my images to look and feel up here in my head but am struggling to let them flow out onto my sheet.
I have however, bought some gorgeously expensive acryllics which I would like to start manipulating. My work space is starting to become a real feature of the house! I have everything EVERYWHERE! The blank walls did nothing for my imagination so decided to give them some character - pictures to follow shortly!

Adopting fresh ideas!

Here is my first attempt using a different technique and I lav it!

All I have done is scan in some different shapes and colour them with the pipette tool to copy Craig-Martin's pallette. I think that working in this way is much more 'me' and less 'trying too hard'. I love working this way and actually can't wait to get stuck into some painting - please go to work James, I want to make a mess! (for a change)

I have printed off some of my images now and have added extra thicker black lines with a marker pen to try and emulate Martin's style more. It really isn't me and from the results that I have posted thus far I can start to tell that I am not this person I am trying to become. However, I think that Becca will be working with the material well - good luck!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Complete Drawing no.6

With this image I continued with the same technique I have adopted in all of my previous attempts. However, I have used the same palette as Alex to show his influence on my work in progress. The way in which he wrapped his image around a shape did not work for me and on all of my attempts I could not master the technique. I have used the dropper tool to utilise the exact same colours as Alex, however I do prefer the palette of Craig-Martin. I think that Alex produced his image in these shades so that I have something to work with, but rather than working on top of his image I preferred the option of taking inspiration from it and incorporating that into my own works.
I am now starting to use more detail but I am still leaving blank space (albeit lesser than before) to give a background effect rather than filling the whole space.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Complete Drawing no.5

This image has a lot more deatil only I have reverted to plain backgrounds rather than filling all the available space. The colours are looking good and are aligned with those of Craig-Martin. I will start to use objects which do not have a relationship with each other for example a tin of beans and a tap. This image incorporates objects that all relate to my creating of the piece. I think that if there wasn't such a blank background this piece would be the best so far.
I need to start using montage to create these images and so will start to photograph different elements on my travels. By using this method however I will not be able to fill the colour on PHotoshop and may therefore use acryllic over the photographs instead.

Completed Drawing no.5

I really like this attempt utilising Craig-Martin's style. There are now no white areas left and it looks better for it, unlike my previous attempt there are no distractions and the eye can roam over the piece equally. I still think that there is not as much detail as on Michael's work and the black lines could do with being slightly heavier. Also, on this attempt particularly, the colours are not distributed evenly as the top section appears lighter than the bottom. The more details that I can incorporate the more evenly I can distribute the colours as there will be more fiddly bits to fill.
Michael's image does not have such vast areas of plain colour where mine has. By incorporating patterns and more detail I can break this blandness up. The radiator at the top of the image has more detail which works better than the remainder of the image.
Another idea that I have come up with is pencilling the design and tracing onto colour paper rather than keep using Photoshop.