Monday, 16 January 2012

Final Major Project

Today I submitted my final, final, final plans for my final major project. This will last approximately eighteen weeks (including the two weeks for Easter break).

My proposal is as follows:
'An exploration of the fairy-tales of the Brothers Grimm with particular reference to the stories' underlying themes'
'I intend to produce a book cover to enter into the Puffin children's prize competition in relation to the fairy-tales of the Brothers Grimm. I would like to use my cover to illustrate the underlying themes which span across many stories which will not make my work overly literal of any one story. After this I will choose one of the stories to focus on where I will produce puppets to film a short play. Alongside this I will look at designing costumes for this chosen story as though it were being translated into a play. These costumes will not be visual representations but will also reference underlying themes'
'This proposal links to my graduation ambitions as it is aimed at a child friendly audience. After graduation I aim to secure a place on a primary PGCE or TESOL. If I were to continue in the illustration sector however, I would want to illustrate for a child audience/market as I enjoy the interaction and communication with younger children (primarily ages 6-8)'
'As I am interested in the underlying themes of the fairy-tales such as greed or jealousy etc. I will be looking at fairy-tales from a psych-analytical perspective. In this, I will be looking at Freud, Jung and Bruno Bettelheim's 'The uses of Enchantment'. Additionally, I will be researching the different forms a puppet can take and which form would best describe my underlying theme/s'
'My audience will primarily by children. It is for this reason that my work must by carefully executed as it may be an adult who purchases the final outcome for the child'
'A body of work showing experimentation with individual elements from a variety of the fairy-tales. A completed re-design of the Brothers Grimm cover for Puffin. A body of work exploring puppets and their different forms. A complete set of puppets for one of the fairy-tales and a short video clip of the fairy-tales being acted out. A body of work exploring costume design and how this can be manipulated to best describe the underlying themes. At least one completed costume'

This all sounds very well and good. I think that my aims are ambitious but still realistic... let us hope so, fingers crossed!

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