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Studio space vs. home working - Graphic Guru

Hi Chloe

I tried to find you today. I will be doing a lesson with all the 3rd years in the next few weeks for you guys to ask about the big bad world of illustration.

I have never rented a studio I have always worked from home. But it is a good idea. I also tend to work on my own but I prefer to work on me tod. I have kept in contact with friends who are illustrators so if I want to get feedback I sometimes ask them. I work from home because I get allot of jobs that I have to work on over the night due to deadlines. But studios are a good way to get out of the house and leave distractions.

Anyway I will tell you more face to face in the lesson


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Hey Ben,

Now that the end of semester 2 is approaching, I was wondering if you could provide some hints and tips on what works best for you studio wise?

Do you work alone or from a studio? Which way do you think works best? Have you collaborated on any projects since you graduated? And if so how did you manage to get together, was it in a studio space etc?

I'm looking at the possibility of renting some space when I graduate to have somewhere to go and work otherwise I think I'll get lazy and not bother doing any real work, I get distracted too easily working from home and was hoping you were able to provide your experience on this.

Hope you had a good Easter break

Cheers in advance


One of my ponderings, if my preferred options don’t work out, as stated in my Hopes, Fears and Opportunities blog post, is to rent some potential studio space somewhere with friends I have made whilst on my degree course. I decided to ask my Graphic Guru, Ben Jones how he weighed up studio space vs. working from home seeing as he’s got a few years under his belt now and to try and get a better judgement of what would work best for me. As you can see from his reply, he says he has no first hand experience of working from a studio as he works from home but does go on to say that it is a good idea. I’ll tell you my qualms about working from home first of all. Firstly, I get distracted too easily, the slightest irritation gives me an excuse not to do what I should be doing, anything from the washing up to the washing, ironing and having a long breakfast – in short procrastination is all too easy to stumble upon at home. Secondly, I don’t feel like I’m at work. I’ve heard of stories where people have got dressed in a suit and tie in a morning and walked around the block then returned home to get in the work ‘zone’, though I don’t think this charade would work for me. Thirdly, I would feel too isolated cooped up in a second bedroom in the middle of nowhere away from the hub and heart of the design world.

The positives of being in a studio then is that the distractions I feel at home would not follow me to the workplace, I would feel like I’m at work because I’ve gone somewhere other than home and I would be working within a group of creative people. I can bounce ideas off these people, get their opinions, views and feedback and there’s the mutual feeling of support – that we’re not in this alone. Like Ben, I do prefer to work alone because I can go with my own ideas and gut feeling and I know that I can rely on me. Though I can see how collaborating with other creative’s can boost morale, support and enthusiasm. The idea of renting studio space, especially with fellow illustration degree students means that I won’t lose contact with this rich source of support.

Ben says that the deadlines he is given for commissions can sometimes be extremely short and tight therefore working from home works better for him because he can work through the night. If however, I were to rent space, surely I can open my own studio at any time I choose? Therefore I could still work through the night, like Ben, if I need to; it’s just that the distractions of home life won’t be there to ruin my chances of success.

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