Thursday, 3 November 2011

Graphic Gurus

My Graphic Guru is Ben Jones, a former Stockport College student and currently teaching at Stockport on Monday and Wednesdays. I emailed him recently for some feedback on the lack on response from industry regarding portfolio visits and for some feedback on my work thus far;

Hay Chloe

It is good if you can get in contact over the phone to let people know you are emailing but more times than not it is better to send a email. I would try contacting some children's book publishers as your work has a nice flair towards that direction. Also maybe try contacting some children's book illustrators.
Other than that try illustration agents.
You could say that you are a student and you would like a bit of feedback and advice in the email and send 3-5 low res examples of your work.

Keep me posted on what you are up to and il give you a bit of feedback.

I am also teaching at stockport Mondays and Wednesdays let me know if you want to show me some work.

Good luck,

In my earlier post I mentioned about phoning folk, and it looks like this may be a better option, or at least to chase my original emails via phone. I think this is going to be a nerve wracking experience and there will be a few nights sleep lost over it.

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