Thursday, 3 November 2011

More feedback :)

Hi Chloe,

Thanks for your interest and application to LOVE.

Unfortunately we have nothing available for you at the moment, but we will keep you in mind should anything suitable arise.

Re the portfolio visit I have passed on your email, so should anyone have some spare time they will be in touch.

Best wishes,

Holly Bee

Office Manager

3rd Floor / 65 High Street
Manchester / England M4 1FS
Telephone +44(0)161 907 3150
Fax +44(0)161 907 3155
So far the contacts I have made with industry have been very tiresome and for the most part, lacking of any results. I do have an appointment on Monday 7th November with Helen Taylor and fingers crossed all goes well. Additionally, I am working on my portfolio currently to ensure its in the best shape possible for then.
In a bid to try and secure all three of my visits before Christmas I think more phone calls, postings of actual work and 'drop-ins' may be necessary in order for anyone to take me seriously.

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