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Group Crit 06/02/2012

Group Crit 06/02/2012
After Thursday’s tutorial, I thought I was on the right path to making some good progress this coming week. However, I have been stalled once more by some surprises from this mornings group crit results. Although my ‘totem’ idea has been established for well over a week now, it has only just this morning been brought to my attention that it does not reflect Grimm’s fairy-tales, or at least the group does not see how it reflects Grimm’s fairy-tales. Understandably, totems are usually associated with Indian American and there origins are definitely rooted there. The idea was supposed to be that a totem is predominantly crafted from wood and the Grimm’s fairy-tales are more often than not set in the woods. Additionally, I was using the structure of the totem to bring my elements together; I was using its significance secondary. Although the idea of the totem being of spiritual significance could also imply magic, which, along with fantasy and enchantment is prevalent in the fairy-tales.
Another hurdle is the concept of working out of the sketchbook. It has taken me all my time, might and strength to contain myself in a sketchbook after years of working on other media for that too to be now criticised. The only thing I can do is listen to the advice given and act upon it. So this week I will be leaving my sketchbook in my bag and instead work on cardboard where I can make almost three dimensional characters instead of the flat ones I have produced so far. Indeed I will continue to use my current method of magazine cuttings (or origami paper cuttings now I have found what it is!) but glue them to something that is tangible rather than paper. I think that this will be fun and enjoyable seeing the characters appearing off the page giving them a true personality and feel. I understand that a sketchbook can be confining and restricting, this is why I never used them at the beginning, going back to working outside of it will be a real boost and show that my work can work just as well in other forms. I look forward especially to photographing some of the results at the end of the week to give my portfolio another angle and more depth.

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