Friday, 24 February 2012

'Magical' elements

This blog has many minimalist posters which I have been advised to look at recently. What is really interesting is that all the posters on this particular blog relate to fairy-tales, many of which are contained in the Grimm’s collection. I have been using these as inspiration for my magical ‘twists’ which my work still requires to bring it up to standard.

This weekend my aim is to have at least these visual magical twists illustrated and polished on Photoshop ready to put into format on Monday (27/02), if not before. So far I have managed to think of and conceptualise magical twists for all of my four elements though two are better than the others. The wolf will have little red riding hood’s hood for his nose and the apple will have the Grim reaper’s sickle for its stalk. Both of these ideas were formulated through the minimalist poster research so this advice was well worth taking!

Already I can feel my ideas and work being pushed on. I am starting to think of other ways to have my work presented for example how would these elements look in flocking on fabric? Grimm’s fairy-tales are set in the woods, how would be characters look carved out of wood?

After yesterdays tutorial I have made it my priority to continue with my element making keeping the more magical concept in mind. The one's that I have crafted so far do have a slight visual twist too, with the frog and mouse showing their transformations and the apple bearing its death connotation, I hope that you can understand them :)

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