Friday, 4 February 2011


Just be yourself

The most prominent piece of advice I have been given this year is to ‘just be yourself’. My tutor gave me a reality check when he asked me why I was producing work that I wasn’t comfortable with. Where is the sense in producing work that you are not comfortable with and essentially unhappy with? There isn’t any. Finally, I am starting to produce work that I enjoy doing, by concocting a recipe that works for me and my style. I have realised that by doing this I am much happier in my work and will eventually be more successful.

Devote more time to your studies

I am aware that I work an awful lot outside of university. In most cases this is my priority because it is my source of income and my university studies come second. It was highlighted to me that if I am to succeed in my chosen field I need to be dedicating ALL of my spare time to it. Without this I am not going to get enough practice before I graduate and my degree will not be as useful as it could potentially be. In response to this advice, I have stopped my overtime at work, which had become more like normal time I did it that often, and I have applied for an internship this summer taking a sabbatical at work in turn for some invaluable experience in my eventual field of interest. Any free time I have now is completely 100% devoted to my university work and the briefs I am set. I will succeed and I am putting measures in place now to ensure that I do.


Keep going. If you find something that you like, keep on producing it. It can take several attempts to produce the exact final outcome. I have finally learned to develop this technique. If you enjoy it and practice makes perfect then this is the only solution. When I get my scanner hooked up I’ll post some of the elements I have been developing. I started off with one ladybird and one spider, I now have over 10 of each and I have so much more choice – it’s brilliant!

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