Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Peter Grundy

In a not too dissimilar way, Peter Grundy also works in a very simple 'pictogram' way using Illustrator. His palette is much more my scene but the lack of authenticity and roughness does not appeal to me.
I like the way that people can tell instantly what his images are and they do work very uniquely but I still cannot get the vibe for Illustrator. For some artists it is a key tool but for my the crisp quality and stark colours turn me off. I am much more of a paintbrush and needle person, I can function if there is a power cut and I can function in any part of the world without the need to rely on my computer. Additionally, I spend half of my life chained to my computer at work and during presentation preparations etc. I do not wish to spend any more time on the thing than completely necessary!

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