Sunday, 1 May 2011


Here is a rough off my 8x8 junctures design. We have teamed up with the creative writing students of Manchester Metropolitan University to illustrate their work. In a nutshell, the story I have been allocated ('Junctures') is about the infidelity of a woman who subsequently has a child but does not know who is the father. Rather than trying to illustrate the emotions that the story deals with, I have chosen the illustrate the key elements within the text and make an equation. I liked this idea as there could be a variety of different outcomes, just as the word 'juncture' suggests.

It needs a little more work, the white elements need a little 'something' to give them more character, but at this stage am unsure of what. I like the composition and the background, I think that the background in particular illustrates the authors own ideas well (a mixture of Finland and Yorkshire). Yellow is referred to a lot in the story and the author suggested that it is a story of dark and light. My idea was to possibly use the yellow as light and black for the dark aspects such as the noose. I will of course incorporate stitch towards the finished result.

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