Sunday, 1 May 2011

Marie O'Connor

I'm struggling to find people who like me are visual 'magpies'. That use a bit of everything in their work. A constant in my work seems to be stitch, apart from that anything else goes; paint, collage, buttons, photography. Jo introduced me to Marie O'Connor who appears to use a bit of everything too, with the additional elements of digital and animation (the latter two are not my cup of tea). She has taught at many institutions on a variety of different subjects covering illustration, textiles and graphic design. Listed on her website are some of her inspirations: 'folk art, painted-on doll shoes, Alexander Girard, talismans, quilts, Eduardo Paolozzi, guatamalen knitted face hats, Umetaro Azechi, the nigerian hippopotamus water spirit mask, Lothar Schreyer, ikat, The Wiener Werkstatte, ceramic+wood+leather+paint+paper combinations, educational toys, Memphis furniture, papier mache, Ballets Russes, woodblock, Nikki de Saint Phalle, Constructivist theatre and the like.'
Looking at some of her images, Marie has outcomes that range from one end of the scale to the next. Although I use a combination of different media, I like to think that my work always looks like my work and not like I flit from one style to the next. Indeed, over the years it probably has, but over the last few briefs, I have a style that is more 'me' starting to emerge.
This image I like, it incorporates collage and what looks like her own photography. I like the idea of using elements that I have created myself, it makes my work more personal and gives me a great sense of achievement. I like the contrast between the collage and the graph paper background and the photograph. It does however lack stitch work. I'm still struggling to find work that 'fits'with my style. I will however, take Marie's inspiration list on board to aid my own resource and learning.

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