Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Completed Drawing no.5

I really like this attempt utilising Craig-Martin's style. There are now no white areas left and it looks better for it, unlike my previous attempt there are no distractions and the eye can roam over the piece equally. I still think that there is not as much detail as on Michael's work and the black lines could do with being slightly heavier. Also, on this attempt particularly, the colours are not distributed evenly as the top section appears lighter than the bottom. The more details that I can incorporate the more evenly I can distribute the colours as there will be more fiddly bits to fill.
Michael's image does not have such vast areas of plain colour where mine has. By incorporating patterns and more detail I can break this blandness up. The radiator at the top of the image has more detail which works better than the remainder of the image.
Another idea that I have come up with is pencilling the design and tracing onto colour paper rather than keep using Photoshop.

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