Monday, 16 August 2010

In a weird but wonderful twist, I have decided that this type of work reflects Craig-Martin's quite well. The different images interacting with each other is similar in style although the colour is not there. I think a good idea would be to creat emy images like this and then possibly paint over them to create a Martin-esque like feel. I really like the antique-ness feel that these type of images give. You could look at it for hours and still find new details. I will continue to work in this method, some without and some with the aid of Photoshop. At the moment I am using Photoshop just for colouring and I want to break from this as it starting to get a bit monotonous and I hate to say it 'boring'. My ork should inspire me and be full of enthusiasm, not doing something for the sake of it.
I want to add a really 'pop' and edgy feel to my image which I feel that they are lacking presently. More collage will definitely help and maybe the introduction of some black inky cartoons. I know how I want my images to look and feel up here in my head but am struggling to let them flow out onto my sheet.
I have however, bought some gorgeously expensive acryllics which I would like to start manipulating. My work space is starting to become a real feature of the house! I have everything EVERYWHERE! The blank walls did nothing for my imagination so decided to give them some character - pictures to follow shortly!

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