Monday, 16 August 2010

Adopting fresh ideas!

Here is my first attempt using a different technique and I lav it!

All I have done is scan in some different shapes and colour them with the pipette tool to copy Craig-Martin's pallette. I think that working in this way is much more 'me' and less 'trying too hard'. I love working this way and actually can't wait to get stuck into some painting - please go to work James, I want to make a mess! (for a change)

I have printed off some of my images now and have added extra thicker black lines with a marker pen to try and emulate Martin's style more. It really isn't me and from the results that I have posted thus far I can start to tell that I am not this person I am trying to become. However, I think that Becca will be working with the material well - good luck!

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