Monday, 10 October 2011

Illustrator's feedback (fingers crossed!)

Above are two further images I have created to go alongside my 2 previous images I posted for the children's story book in association with Helping Uganda School's project.
This small collection of four images has been emailed to 2 of the illustrator's I contacted last year who have kindly agreed to provide me with some much needed constructive feedback.
Ale Diaz and Jessica Horrocks replied to my original emails below:
'Hola Chloe!!!!

Its so good to hear from you! Sorry for the late response.

Yes absolutely, send it over I would love to take a look at it and give you some feedback!

Cheers and thanks for your support to my works as well.



'Hi Chloe,

Apologies for the late reply. I would be happy to offer you some feedback on your portfolio :)


From a personal development point of view, I think that there is some definite consistency finally beginning to emerge with the painterly characters and crayons/paint wash backgrounds. This difference in media for the characters and background gives some contrast enabling the reader to associate which elements are more important in any one composition. It would be nice to see the characters such as Asobora (monkey) lighter in colour, the brown paint I used to create him is quite dark originally. Trying to lighten this in Photoshop didn't work, the white pigments from the paper underneath just shone through instead. My characters are very child friendly, they are tactile, you could pick them up off the page, they do look furry and cuddly, as a children's character should. I like the organic quality the characters have.
For future projects I think it would be wise to make a tick list of the qualities that work for me and my image making, then as I'm going along I can be ticking them off in a bid to create images that say 'Chloe' and are strong.
I think that my work will be aided by Ale's feedback especially as we appear to work in a similar way. In fact her use of exotic patterns, colours and backgrounds would act as a fitting backdrop to my African scenes. Reflecting on my work, my use of pattern is very limited. Usually backgrounds are just paint washes but more detail and attention to the what appears insignificant could make all the difference in my finished outcomes.
Additionally, I have sent out emails to illustration agencies such as AOI, Monkeyfeet Illustration, The Chase, Love and Music to try and arrange an appointment to present to them my portfolio for some more constructive feedback.
Both the illustrators I have emailed have been more than kind already, but let's see what their feedback has to offer!
(Updates hopefully to follow soon :)

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