Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Reply!! :)

Right now, Ale Diaz is one of my favourite artists... and not only that, but she's replied to my mail providing constructive feedback on my work for the Uganda for Schools project so far;

Hola Chloe,

Sorry for taking so long in replying.

These pieces are looking great and I love your strong use of colour. I have always been one for that :). Also the texture that comes across in the way you create your art.

The best piece of advice i can give you at the moment is to do a lot of work, lots and lots of projects. In my experience art directors can tell who has done a lot and who has done not so much. If you are getting ready to visit some agencies, that's what you should be focusing on right now. Illustrate as many projects are you can.

Your style reminds me of someone I met, check out this artist:


If you click on the flipcard section at the menu, you will get an idea of how much I am referring to, when I say do a lot of projects, because only then we barely start coming through as artists.

Hope this helps!

This website gives me a reason to illustrate every week:

check it out


In contrast to my tutors comments about my mass use of colour Ale likes this aspect of my work considering it a 'strong' point. She agrees with the 'texture' element being a strong point too, which has been touched on in tutorials.
Focusing on the amount of work needed to be produced is a bit of a sore point. To date the only work that I have produced which I am confident enough to take to agencies is the work I am currently working on... eek! On the Mariah Burton page, she has produced LOTS of work for various projects and briefs. All that I can think of is to keep focused, concentrate and throw myself into it now I have found a comfortable way of working.
And a recommendation from Ale, to me, to you, is to check out illustration Friday's page. Not only does it give a platform to show your work but it gives you a focused piece of work for a week. The time frame is not very long and is clearly unpaid (this is where the passion comes in guys!) so it would be worthwhile spending a couple of hours a week on a 'time out' from live briefs to devote some passion to this. Those live briefs can be so draining at times and if the subject matter is intense or something I'm not interested in, I will still be producing work, this way I don't feel so lazy... it's so not procrastination ;)

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