Wednesday, 19 October 2011

More juicy feedback :)

  • More juicy feedback, this time from Jessica Horrocks;

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Hi Chloe,

Your illustrations have a wonderful sense of colour and texture, and I think they're very appropriate for the target market.

My only feedback is that you could further refine the typography, as I think it is currently detracting from the strength of the illustrations.

Perhaps you could experiment with some different fonts and layouts. Perhaps you could try adding a consistently sized coloured area at the bottom of each illustration for the type, rather than layering it over the illustrations? Just a suggestion :)

Otherwise, I think these are very strong!

I hope that helps.

Colour and texture seem to be the key theme in my work, or so the feedback highlights. These themes then are positive and need to be maintains and developed within my work this year. For the front cover of the story book I will be hand rendering the type, but to do this for the whole book would have been laborious and very time consuming. So time consuming that I wouldn't have had any time for the main 'meat' of work. It is however, something that I will work towards developing in future.
On the feedback from then, so far so good, lets hope it continues :)

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