Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Cross Pathway Project

Ok, so for this, I have been you could say, more than just a little bit, apprehensive. When I am working on my own I know that I have to rely solely on me. I can work to deadlines and I can ensure that everything is completed and handed in on the due date. Can I guarantee that 100% working as part of a group? No. And this is my problem...

Having seen my group today however, I feel slightly more at ease. Our group has been labelled 'Reeves and Mortimer' - Who? This MUST be my first point of research, it has been bugging my clearly uneducated brain all day!

As so neatly put by Wikipedia, they are a 'comedy double act' - fab! Does this imply I am a joke? Of course I am merely looking too deep into things. Most probably the tutors are highlighting the collaboration of artists in years gone by.

Yet, if it's a collaboration you want to see I know just the clip ...

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