Sunday, 10 October 2010


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Instead, I'll do my analysis for my product design and production:
Box Project – Part 1 Object

Although I have risen to and relished the challenge of the designing and producing of a product individual to me, it has not been without its learning curves. Usually, organisational and forward thinking skills are not something that I struggle with, looking back however, I could have done more to ensure the quality and finish were of the highest standard possible and increase my success rate. There are definitely areas I would improve for further development and future practice.

I chose my fabric because of the rich colour and not because of its quality. If I had taken this into consideration, my disappointment with the printing process could have been avoided. In future, it will be easier to work with lighter fabrics and a more cotton base so that the fabric does not soak the pigment in. Also, I have learned that acrylics (which I used accidentally) are purposely for papers and not fabrics and I need to be using pigments for this type of work for future reference. To make my colours more vibrant and sit on top of the fabric instead of it seeping into it, I need to use pigment instead of acrylic and use a process to thicken the pigment so it sits on top. Printing and designing my fabric before constructing my cushion would have been easier rather than trying to do this when the cushion has taken its form already. I am glad for the experience as I now know a lot more about the various processes available to me including flocking and lino cutting, printing and sewing using a machine instead of by hand. By using the sewing machine and getting to grips with that has ensured that my stitch is as neat as it can be.
Next time I will utilise a zip to make the edges neater and trim the edges too to give a more expensive quality. Because of the other processes I have used, the cushion cover could be washed and to make it more practical adding a zip would have made this possible.

I am happy with my outcome as a prototype only, there are too many things I would change going forward to continue to manufacture them in the same way. I am happy that I managed to carry my design through from the summer project into Illustrator and onto my cushion and I have a real sense of achievement being able to do that. Next time as well as a cushion, I would like to design a whole range that fits together, for example, a sheet of wallpaper, a chair and a lamp. I know that doing this will be quite time consuming and therefore would like to keep this for one of my seven week long projects for later on in the year.

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