Thursday, 18 November 2010

Certainly, defiinitely, 100% not inspired by being awake at half past 3 this morning trying to advertise my beds on the internet, they were giving me nightmares to say the least! Bit of a shabby start to the day, however some good news... I contacted Ale Diaz about a week ago but she was on 'vaction' so I should be hearing her response today when she gets back, so excited!!

Also, only 6 days until my gorgeous fiance is home for a short visit, things could just start looking up in the land of me :)

Down to the serious stuff, I have an essay coming up on Postmodernism and would really like to talk about Andy Warhol, except I don't think he can be described as an illustrator and the artist needs to be specific to your pathway. In a lecture last week there was mention of a Jamaican artist called Errol something of other trying to portray black children in a positive light for the first time. It could definitely be interesting and the themes would be plausible for the essay type, but the essay on text analysis was on racism too. I do need to find somebody/something that I am really interested in to make my essay more credible.

i will start with some basic research into Errol's work as a starting point and see what happens from there...

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