Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I emailed Sara Fanelli earlier today. OK, I said I wasn't a huge fan of her work, but I was inspired by her creative characters and use of texture. Here's what the exchange of emails looks like...

Dear Chloe,

Thank you for the very nice message.
I think that most of your questions will find answers in an interview I did for Varoom Magazine.
I found the pdf online for you:


I am not having any exhibitions but a new children's book will come out in the spring!
With all best wishes for your work and future

On 16 Nov 2010, at 08:59, Chloe Jones wrote:

Hi Sara, I had a look at you work recently, and I have to say it is beautiful! It is so inspiring to see such a nice combination of texture, colour and character.
I am a second year illustration student studying at Stockport college and I was wondering if you could help me with a few points:
1. Where do you get your inspiration from?
2. Does any of your inspiration show in your work?
3. Who do you aspire to be like if anyone?
4. Do you collect media for a piece of work individually or do you draw from a large resource you already have?
5. When you hit that 'brick wall' how do you overcome it?
6. Do you work from comissions or are you employed? Do you prefer it either way?
7. Are you doing any exhibitions this year?
I understand that you are a very busy person, and so it would be much appreciated if you could find the time to answer my points I am struggling with
Kind Regards Chloe :)

How exciting?!
It appears that although these quite 'big' illustrators are very busy and working hard, they appreciate that they were once in the same position and help out where they can.
Thanks Sara, much appreciated :D

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