Sunday, 21 November 2010

I had a look at the illustrators that Ale was influenced and inspired by and I am amazed at some of the work that came up in a simple Google search. It shows just how much I Don't know about the art world. Dave Mckean has some gorgeous if not slightly edgy work and I must say that all the names I typed in had some really beautiful work. Maybe my next step will be to contact some of these artists too and get their outlook on the world of illustration. Who knows they may even be as frank as Ale.

Here is a small selection of the works I particularly liked...

This one is by Dave Mckean, I really like the use of layering and texture, it gives it a really antiquated feel. The style looks quite old due to the layering and texture and it has some historical revival elements to it.

This one is by Nicoletta Ceccoli her characters are very similar to those that Ale creates. I think the major difference between the two illustrators is the use of colour. Nicoletta tends to use a more gloomy palette compared to Ale's vibrant colours which reflect her bright Mexican background and culture.
Again I really like the texture and the composition is beautiful. I think that if this is something I aspire to acheve I need to experiment and explore more with my technique and media. When I am given a project, the first thing I do is pick up a pencil, that is just the way I am programmed but for the next brief I will try and pick up a paint brush for example instead. I think I feel safe and comforted by pencil because it can be rubbed out if I'm not happy with the result. That blank piece of paper can be very uninviting and scary and with a pencil, I know it's properties and what I can do with it, how it can be manipulated etc. I definitely needs to push my boundaries and comfort zones to be producing work that I feel better about and that way will feel the need to show it off. A lot of the work that I post on my blog are from other atists becuase I do not feel comfortable in my own work yet, it needs imrpovement.

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