Friday, 10 December 2010

My conflict has evolved back to the homeless idea.

Instead of focusing on food shortages however, which admittedly reflecting on it now is not a conflict (apologies) but indeed a problem, I am now focusing on the abuse which homeless people get from passers by whilst begging for example. It is suprising to know that the rate of abuse towards homeless has increased dramatically in the last 5 years. Presumably due to the increase in drink and drink in the underaged. (This however will need to be researched (another trip to the Wellspring methinks!))

I asked some questions to the homeless at the Wellspring, a charity which provides hot meals to the homeless, and they were very genuine and honest in their answers. Stan-the-man was a lovely old chap who claimed not to be homeless (others had other thoughts), it seems that even the homeless do not like to admit to it for fear of the preconceptions of what others will have and to avoid the abuse that I will be looking into.

On Athens, there has been much secondary research sourced, some of which was quite suprising and I am glad to be learning again. At one point I thought that had stopped and I was stuck in a rut of turning up and gaining nothing.

This weekend I will be doing some observations of people who sell the Big Issue to see if they are victims of abuse (lots of layers will be required methinks!) and also to do some interviews if I can find people who are willing to particpate. It may also be a good idea to hand out questionnaires to general people to see what their attitudes are like to the homeless (further evidencing if these attitudes exist)

I also have my post modern essay to be getting on with and I will post some of the research into Riitta's inspirations and the YouTube videos I found showing abuse on the homeless.

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