Friday, 10 December 2010

Riitta Ikonen

Ok, so her work is not really to my taste, and with all due respect she was a little bit difficult to understand. But it's good to know about these artists who are current and relevant, right? Cool, so here was her presentation at college this week...

She is a Finnish theatrical photographer who works from London and New York and studied illustration at Brighton. What opened my eyes more than anything was that she is actually an illustrator but does not conform to the typical illustrator stereotype, in other words she thinks outside of the box and produces work that excites her

I noticed that she produces a vast amount of work over relatively small time frames and she is very well travelled. (I wish I could get the opportunity!!)

People that inspire her and threads I need to research are Dia Beacon and Brigette Riley

Art is 20% skill and 80% attitude!

I like this image of a snowflake and her story behind it. The way her work is very personal intrigues me. This particular year it had not snowed in her home country so she has to represent it instead

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