Thursday, 2 December 2010

Possible Solutions to Hunger & Homeless:

1.For the government to issue a voucher for food (Tesco, luncheon etc)
2.Tesco to issues vouchers
3.Private companies making a certain profit should donate meal vouchers
4.Tax reductions for companies donating food
5.Compulsory donation stations at places of work
6.Rota in villages of which companies donate in which month
7.Free labour in return for food
8.School canteens etc. to donate excess/unwanted food
9.Fines for disposing of good food
10.Setting up of stations for people to leave left over’s from meals
11.Make food cheaper
12. For there to be no empty properties
13.Fines/convictions for empty properties
14. Free food at struggling restaurants to attract more customers
15. Make healthy/more nutritional food cheap and higher taxes on fast/processed food
16. Stop waste – recycle everything
17.Government to guarantee a certain amount of free food per person out of their taxes paid (percentage maybe?)
18.Setting up of an individual taxes scheme (where the amount of taxes one pays over their lifetime accrues and they can choose where to spend it whether in hospital on the roads etc)
19. Homeless to visit food chains at the end of service for example Greggs
20. Luncheon vouchers incorporated into their benefits not just handing over money to help alcoholics etc to eat

These are some basic ideas and I am sure that I can come up with more. There is plenty of potential for these to be developed further. I will look at the strongest and present them to the Salvation Army and see what their thoughts are as a starting point.

I am unsure as to why, but this is a conflict that I am very interested in. Maybe it is becuase if I were in that situation I would hope that there would be someone there to look after my interests :)

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