Thursday, 2 December 2010

I have finally stumbled upon my conflict!

Going to the tutorial on Tuesday was really helpful. Before I was concentrating on the end product and not on the conflict and research about it. For example I was looking at a remote control for a television which has a random button for when the family are arguing about what to watch, the tv would randomly select something for them. However, I have now seen the error of my ways and although I didn't want to be too ambitious in case I couldn't fulfil my propostitions I have also learnt to try not and restrict myself.

I am currently looking at homelessness and how shelters are struggling for food to provide to these needy people. I have chosen food as it is a basic need and requirement for humans to survive. Clothing etc. could be looked at later on but I do not see it as such an immidiate threat as a lack of food, especially in this freezing conditions!

My starting point is to talk to the local Salvation Army centre to see how they operate and just how vital food supplies are for the homeless. From here I can see what shortages they have (if any?) and how I could potenitally help them with this conflict. It may come to light that there are other conflicts within the homeless field which are more vital or which I could do more about to help with.

After this, I will devise a questionnaire for the homeless to see what they think of the food situation and what they would like to see happen within this area.

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