Tuesday, 20 July 2010


I met Angelo at the beginning of our holidays. He played and sang in the Cuban restaurant on the resort. By 'played', I mean he strummed on his guitar and blew on a leaf to produce a sound ... yes, your read right, a LEAF!! This man is a musical master.
He had loads of stickers on his guitar from around the world including Czech republic. For a communist this is considered a huge achievement. He had such a charm and oozed charisma. It made me wish I could speak Spanish, apart from the odd 'por favour' I'm pretty terrible. He was a walking treasure trove just waiting to tell a story. For a 72 year old man he still runs 5 miles a day and like Nancy is a complete inspiration.
The Cuban heritage completly captivates me. They all walk around with smiles plastered on their faces, waitresses included! The shifts they work are 3pm to 7am the following morning and it does not phase them one bit. The people cannot do enough for anyone, everything that is theirs is yours too, even though they have next to nothing they have such a sense of selflessness; such a quality that is very hard come by in England...

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