Friday, 23 July 2010

Complete Drawing no.1

After my first couple of preliminary sketches, this is the first complete one that I am happy with. Here I was just playing around with the idea of drawing what is in front of me and adding snippets of montage. I drew in pencil first and went over the lines in black fine liner.
I like the idea of playing with scale although at first it was hard to grasp as everything I was drawing came out naturally in normal proportions. I will edit this drawing in Photoshop to add some colour, I don't want to destroy my first image that I like by rushing in with paint etc. I think that it is very in keeping with Craig-Martin's style and I am proud of my first finished attempt.
My next mission is to sit in every room in the house and draw what I can see in front of me... maybe even at work to add another dimension! I like working in this way as it brings a personal element into it.
I will continue to bring in elements of montage to follow on in the style that I am starting to carve for myself.

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