Friday, 16 July 2010

Distorted Proportions

The piece that we have decided to work on is themed around distorted proprtions and scale. For example the light bulb is much larger than the chair. This work has a surrealist feel as it does contain elements of suprise and unexpected juxtapositions. I decided to look at other artists who work in a similar way.
This image by Tim Burton has ethereal, matchstick legs compared to the heaviness of his body which is a definite distortion in proportion, I don't think anyone could walk on those! Although it differs in style in comparison to Michael Craig Martin the objective appears to be the same. The elements that have more importance have more focus and stress.
And the image by Quentin Blake has a cute innocene about it. The young boy has been drawn as small as possible to emphasise the pelican's beak. The general rule seems to be that elements that are out of the ordinary need to be overly emphasised for example the pelican's beak, an elephants trunk or a cat's tail.
Another deatil I have noticed in Martin's work is that all of his elements have a black outline - a detail which I am not completely 'into' myself. The two examples above also follow this trend and all three have a cartoon quality too. The key techniques then have been highlighted, black outlines, cartoon feel and a distortion in proportion. (To follow Martin's lead I will not be able to hold back on the colour front either!)

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