Sunday, 25 July 2010

Complete Drawing no.4

In this image I have tried to incorporate more information. Looking at Craig-Martin's image against my previous attempt, there was too much spare background. His image is brimming with information and there are no blank spaces.
Although a better attempt I still think that this one needs more elements so that there is no background colour and instead more objects. Using his palette is definitely working however and am enjoying the process of scanning in my images and editing them on Photoshop - for a change! Also, I need to find objects that do not use the colour white as the two white areas here are too distracting from the overall image.
I will need to sit in the kitchen and raid my cupboards for more interesting shapes. One idea that I had was to scan individual elements in and make a whole image by adding lots together. With the amount of layering that would need to be done I think that I would make this too confusing for myself.
The process that I have developed seems to be getting the desired results and I will continue to utilise it until it runs out of steam.

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