Wednesday, 23 March 2011

As I was struggling for Indonesian reference in terms of art/artists either currently or historically practicing, Peter pointed me in the direction of German Expressionist work. Although not Indonesian in origin, the colour is definitely linked. I have particularly been looking at Franz Marc whose work I really like. I think that expressionist work will relate to the work that I am producing well as I am trying to give the mood of coffee in my backgrounds. When doing an Athens search, I have also found that historically, Indonesian art (although I can't find any) was created on water buffalo hide and a prominent piece of architecture is the Borobudur. Also, Stupa architecture appears frequently as does batik.
This is a Franz Marc piece as has been created with chalk/pastel. This is interesting for me as I need to start adding these materials to my background to add the effect that Rudy (as seen in earlier posts) has achieved.

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