Tuesday, 22 March 2011

For my Indonesian inspired project I have been looking at Rudy Gutierrez who uses particularly striking colours which fit with my brief. I have contacted the fine artist/illustrator to see if he has any hints and tips as I was interested whether he works from a dark background and lightens it up with paint or whether he starts on a light background and works to make it darker. This is an important tool for me as I am trying to replicate this for my backgrounds. Here is a copy of what I have sent to him:

Hi Rudy!
I've been looking at your work recently for inspiration on an Indonesian themed project. The colours that you use are striking and fit well with what I'm doing. I'm currently studying in my second year towards my illustration degree and wondered if you could help me with a few points please?

1. You don't seem use a lot of white, is there any reason for this?

2. You don't seem to give yourself any space at all, the images are always really loaded, is there any particular reason why?

3. Do you work from a dark background to light or from a light background to dark? For example on 'She plays with the darkness' the background is particularly dark. Is there any reasons why?

4. What influences your work and are there any blogs you follow etc?

Thanks very much for your time, if you have the time to reply it would be greatly appreciated, I understand that you are probably extremely busy. Thanks again

Kind Regards


The pattern on this image reflects the patterns that I have been generating with reference to Indonesia.

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