Saturday, 26 March 2011

Katharine Asher

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Dear Chloe:

Please refer to my own site
if you go to Figurative ..TRADITIONAL
you will see my earlier work which was far more 'loaded'/ realistic.
I much prefer the spontanaeity that water colour gives me .... and I continually evolve my style to stop me getting bored and to keep in lines with trends.
Watercolour ...I use both tubes and blocks - W&N is my preference
What medium I use depends on the job, and the effect I require.
My advice is
  • Never stop life drawing
  • Never be satisfied with what you are doing
  • Revisit your childhood and 'play' with different mediums
good luck K
Howdy Katharine!

I'm currently studying towards my illustration degree in my second yea. I have been looking at your work recently as I struggle with representing the figure. The way that you can manipulate the shape to do with it what you want/need is fantastic! I work similarly in that I have a lot of white space and use a minimalist approach. I was wondering if you could spare a few minutes to help me with a few points please?

1. Is there any reason that you work with a lot of white space? Are you scared of overloading your image etc.?

2. You work with watercolour a lot, is this your preferred media? Is there any reason why?

3. Your images are very fluid and suggest movement, do you ever work without this quality?

4. Do you work with watercolours from a palette or from tubes? Is there any easier option for you?

5. Do you always work so minimal? Do you have any images hwere they are completely overloaded?

Thanks for your time, I appreciate that you must be extremely busy. If you could manage to respond it would be greatly appreciated and help me towards my studies.

Keep up the fab work) :)

Kind Regards


I like the fluidity of Katharine's work. The use of watercolour gives a great sense of movement, which my work does lack. I am drawn the Katharine's work because similarly to me she uses a lot of white space with minimal work. Also, I have a tendency to add eyes to everything I do to turn them into cute characters.
I like the piece of advice where she says not to ever be satisfied with anything that you do. Keep on developing and churning out work to find its true potential.

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