Monday, 7 March 2011

This morning I have finally created my final outcome for the Wellspring project. After a slow start I have ended up with an image and layout that I am happy with. I have decided to place the image in the bottom right corner to draw intrigue and interest from the audience and not follow standard constraints as the newspaper would be boring and samey.
Indeed, the image does look much better in colour but this is one of the requirements of the client. I am hoping that not a lot o work will have this stipulation. Although it wasn't difficult to greyscale the work from a full colour version, the colour just adds a certain quality that black and white cannot capture.
I love the character that I have created out of a sponge, plug and banana. The overall message was to juxtapose elements that do not usually appear together to intrigue my audience as to why they are seen together. Also, because it is quite small, not using the whole of the a3 space, it would draw people to look into it in more detail.

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