Saturday, 26 March 2011

Rudy Gutierrez

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Hi Chloe,
Thanks for checking out my work!
Where are you studying? Can you send me a link to see your work or
some jpgs?

1- I do use white but it is not always as prevalent because of the
high saturated color that I have tended to use. White tends to make a
color chalky and more pastel oriented which wouldn't work as much for
the intensity that I have been going for.

2- I like to create kaleidoscopic pieces where there is a clear point
and then elaboration on that point. i love the idea of improvisation
on some of these pieces combined with a solid idea and then having
fun seeing where it goes. Then it become about controlling the
imagery with pushing and pulling element so that they don't obscure
the idea but reinforce it. Sometimes it works and sometimes I have
failed at it! However, there are many pieces where I want simple hard
hitting simplicity or subtlety as well.

3- I don't have a set way of working. Somteimes it is dark to light
and the opposite. In She Plays with the Darkness it was about
capturing the mood and drama of a particular story that this painting
was done for. It was a book cover. The story was about a woman who
dance with rock paintings in a cave that came to life. Magical and

4- I see art as an extension of who I am and illustration is an
outlet that allows me to reach big numbers of people. Having said
that I would say that everyday life, my loves and hates inspire what
I do. I am very influenced by many artists, everyday lives and music
has always been a big inspiration.
I feel that as an artist with a "gift" I have a responsibility to
uplift and inspire others and to speak for those who maybe cannot.
there really isn't any blogs that I follow but I do think that it is
important to constantly feed yourself by reading, watching movies,
listening to music that speaks to you and generally choosing to view
listen and watch things that will feed you in a way that will inform
you and your art.

Much light to you and your art,

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> Hi Rudy!
> I've been looking at your
> work recently for
> inspiration on an
> Indonesian themed
> project. The colours that
> you use are striking and
> fit well with what I'm
> doing. I'm currently
> studying in my second
> year towards my
> illustration degree and
> wondered if you could
> help me with a few points
> please?
> 1. You don't seem use a
> lot of white, is there any
> reason for this?
> 2. You don't seem to give
> yourself any space at all,
> the images are always
> really loaded, is there any
> particular reason why?
> 3. Do you work from a
> dark background to light
> or from a light
> background to dark? For
> example on 'She plays
> with the darkness' the
> background is particularly
> dark. Is there any reasons
> why?
> 4. What influences your
> work and are there any
> blogs you follow etc?
> Thanks very much for
> your time, if you have the
> time to reply it would be
> greatly appreciated, I
> understand that you are
> probably extremely busy.
> Thanks again
> Kind Regards
> Chloe
> - - - -

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