Thursday, 10 March 2011

Eduardo Recife

I have been looking at hand rendered types recently as I seem to be very interested in this area. I have stumbled upon Eduardo Recife when doing a basic Google search. He is a Brazilian illustrator who founded Misprinted type. On this website he has several different types all hand rendered and all as beautiful as each other. I have emailed him today with a few questions to help my learning further, I do so hope he responds!
I think the way that he layers his work is fascinating and is definitely a method that I would like to try myself in up coming projects. I do work with collage normally, I think that I just need to be more selective with the media that I use rather than just picking anything out. Also, Recife uses 'older' media, which therefore has less understanding to it. For example, I use magazine cuttings a lot but because they are current they are so loaded with meaning already that when you look at it, you do not look at it for what I have created but for what it already stands for. By choosing older media, that loaded message no longer exists.
The composition of both these images is obviously laboured over. Both are balanced but not symmetrical, which tends to be a trait in my personal work.

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